11742752_10200801475435772_1081550068779349643_n_27228937612_o December 2012 Shirotama Hitsujiya and Mikuni Yanaihara decided to launch the Asian Women Performing Arts Collective, inspired by  the Conference for Asian Women and Theatre formed originally by the late playwright/director Koharu Kisaragi, and they opened a call for members .
2015年4月マレーシア訪問調査および視察 January 2014 Research Trip to Malaysia
With the help from the Japan Cultural Centre of the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur, the group met Malaysian artists, art spaces, and art groups and learned about their work.
IMG_1316 June 2014 Toyooka Playwrights Festival Symposium, “Forming the Asian Women Performing Arts Collective” (Kinosaki International Arts Center, Hyogo, Japan)

This symposium looked at histories of Asian women in performing arts and explored the conference theme, “re-creation,” in terms of these histories. The panel consisted of Shirotama Hitsujiya and Mikuni Yanaihara as well as Sharon Chin and June Tan from Malaysia. Chin is a visual artist and Tan is Manager of Five Arts Center.

April 2015 Research Trip to Malaysia
The members visited Malaysia again and presented on the activities of the Asian Women Performing Arts Collective at Sunway University. We also met several artists, including those engaged in community activism.
August 2015 The First Conference (Kamigo Clove Theatre, Niigata, Japan)
Performer/playwright Ryao Puaytin and photographer/visual artist Minstrel Cuik Chin Che were invited from Malaysia for collaborative work. We staged one of Ryao’s play, Family as well as an immersive piece, Snow Frost Cloud Dew Sleet Hail, featuring Minstrel’s photographs. We also conducted workshops and fieldwork in relation to these.
November 2015 Meeting with Supporters (Morishita Studio, Tokyo)
The group reported our activities since its founding in 2012 to our supporters.